Thursday, 15 November 2012

She Said Beauty | November & UPDATE

Hi girlies! Sorry that my posts have been, somewhat.. lacking recently. I've been a bit of a busy bee &, if I'm honest, I lost my bloggin' mojo! But I'm back! ;D & with plenty of posts planned.

I'll start with my little update... some of you may have noticed that the name of my little blog has changed. It's gone from 'All things bright & beautiful' to 'Things bright & beautyful'. There are a couple of reasons for this... for starters, I had a few comments from readers saying that my blog title reminded them of that Christian hymn - All things bright & beautiful, all creatures great & small... Know the one I mean? That's not particularly a bad thing; however I'm neither religious, nor is my blog about religion. So it didn't really feel fitting. But, I didn't want to change it entirely, so I stuck with the whole 'bright & beautiful' shebang! As a bit of a play-on word I also changed 'beautiful' to 'beautyful'... yanno, with my blog being a beauty one & all that! So, lemme know what you think about this - hit or miss?! Just for reference... the URL is still the same :)

Now onto the beloved beauty box that is She Said Beauty. I'm a little behind on this months SSB, but better late than never! 

  • Smooth lock shampoo & conditioner by Redken. I looooove Redken. & I'm all over trying out any of their products. But can you really get much of an impression from just 1 sachet? I guess I'll find out. I'll share my thoughts in the next empties post!
  • Wild rose soothing night cream by Welda. This is probably my least fave product of the box. I'm not very fond of rose scented products & I don't really like switching up my skincare, especially when it isn't aimed at combination/oily skin. I'll give it a go tho & let you know what I think!
  • Enhance shimmer lip gloss by MakeBelieve Beauty. This is a gorgeous lip gloss. The colour is a really pretty pink & it shimmers like no other, I tell thee! I will add though, it's quite a sticky one.
  • Royal English daisy EDT by Yardley. This is the 2nd Yardley sample I've had & I'm really quite impressed. It has a really fresh scent & is perfect for daytime wear. Plus, the full sized EDTs are sooo cheap!!
  • Brit body spray by So..? So..? is a brand that featured in my early teens, so I feel this is a little teeny-boppy for me. Nether the less body sprays always come in handy & this will be chucked into my bag! 
  • Matchbook nail files by Murrays Manicure. Love this product, so handy! I'm a big nail fan & always like to have a nail file on me wherever I go. So these little numbers are perfect to put in bag. Infact, they already are in my bag :) 
So, what do I think? Although this months SSB is nothing to write home about, I think its up there with the boxes I've gained most use from. The only product I probably won't use is the Welda night cream. Apart from that bring it on! 

Hope you girls are okay! Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but I am backkk ;)


  1. Great post- I've just posted my review of the November SBB box :] I got the Makebelieve highlighter which I really like but I well wanna try the lipgloss! x

    1. Oo, I'll check yours out cause I was wondering how good the highlighter would be! xx

  2. I'm you 200th follower! CONGRATS!!!!! Love your blog!

    I'm having an international 100 follower MAC giveaway on my blog, check it out :)

    <3 Julie

    1. Yayy, thanks so much :D Heading straight over to your blog! xx