Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sea Salt Spray | Lee Stafford

On a recent trip to Boots to pick up some more Lee Stafford hair growth treatment I decided to try out their sea salt spray. I'd never tried a product like this before so I was intrigued to see if it would work for me. Also, with me being on a heat ban at the moment (see my post explaining why here) I thought this would be perfect, as it works best when you leave your hair to dry naturally. 

This product claims to leave your hair looking like you've just stepped out of the sea. Not wet & salty! But, with naturally sun dried and wavy hair. How does it work? It contains a promineral complex of dead sea salts & 26 minerals, which bring out your hairs natural waves. As well as this the product also contains sunflower extract to keep your hair moisturised & shiny. 

The first time I used this it didn't go very well & I ended up putting my hair in a bobble. But, then after a little research & a few YouTube clips I mastered the beach babe look. On my product it says to spray it onto your hair approx 10 times. However, when people on YouTube read out what theirs instructed, they all said 'approx 50 times'. So I'm not really sure what that's all about, but I definitely find spraying it around 50 times works better than 10. 

So, how did I use it? When I came out of the shower I first sprayed a little oil into my hair, just to keep it soft & healthy. I then combed the oil through & grabbed the sea salt spray. I pretty much sprayed every area of my hair & all throughout my layers. I then left it to dry naturally & scrunched my hair in my hands every now & again. Once completely dried I combed my hair with a wide toothed comb & there we have it. No more styling or heat was needed. 

I'm sorry the photos aren't very good quality, but you definitely get the picture. Just for the record, my naturally dried hair is usually quite straight, with the odd wave here or there.

So, I'm really impressed with this product. It's a fab way to create a nice style without using any heat at all. The only down side I would give this product is how it leaves your hair feeling. Although it isn't sticky or hard , my hair just doesn't feel as soft as it usually does. But I guess this is a given when completely covering your hair in a salty spray. The other thing I'll mention is the scent.. I can't quite describe it, but it does remind me of a salty water, beach smell. However, whenever I've used this product my Mum always tells me it smells like I'm wearing a man's aftershave, haha. This doesn't really bother me, but I guess it will some people.

If your interested in this product you can find it at Boots for £7.49. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer across all hair products, so now is the perfect time to treat yourself :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Jen xo

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Empties | September

Before I started doing these empties posts I really had no idea that I used up so many products! It's quite an eye opener. But, weirdly I find it really satisfying having used them all up. I'm quite glad this month has empties post has came round, these little bad boys were really starting to overflow!

  • Rosewater toning spritz by Boots Botanics. Reviewed here. Back in the summer (not that we had much of one!) I really enjoyed using this product as a facial freshener. & on my holiday it was massively loved. However, now it's colder I don't feel the need for a facial freshener. You can also use this as a toner, which is what I've been doing recently, but I don't really rate it for that purpose. I find that it doesn't leave my skin feeling as clean as what my other cleansers do. Would I repurchase? I repurchased this quite a while ago, but I don't think I would now if I hadn't already. I'll be saving it for use as a facial freshener next summer :) 
  • True love by Impulse. Using Impulse as a body spray really reminds me of my teens at school. But, heck, I love 'em! I think they're great for a quick fix & to put in your bag for those not-special-enough-for-perfume events. True love has a really girly, flowery scent. Would I repurchase? Yeah, definitely :)
  • Sugar crush by Soap & Glory. Reviewed here. I love love love all Soap & Glory products, & this is no exception. However, I like my scrubs rough! & for a body scrub this isn't as abrasive as I'd like. It is lovely, & smells delish, but just too delicate for me. Would I repurchase? Probably not, I'm going to try out their Breakfast Scrub next. 
  • Butter up by Soap & Glory. Reviewed here. I love this! Quite possible the best body butter I've used - wow! It smells amazing, it's a lush thick butter, it leaves my skin feeling gorgeous & the ingredients are amazing. If you have dry skin, or not(!), you definitely need to try this out. I have nothing else to say, but.. Would I repurchase? YES. 
  • Hair growth treatment by Lee Stafford. I bought this for my grow, hair grow mission & I'm so so glad I did. It has worked fabulously! - Watch out for a hair update very soon :) This product smells lovely & leaves my hair feeling gorgeous & silk-like, let alone helping it grow. Definitely a win win product. Would I repurchase? Already on my 2nd tub! 
  • Colour extend radiant-10 by Redken. I received this in a SSB box, & was so chuffed as I'd never tried a Redken product before. My first impressions of Redken? Amazing, definitely live up to their hype. Colour extend is a leave-in treatment & was the start of my treatment spray obsession! Since using this, I cannot wash my hair without using a treatment spray afterwards, bloody love 'em! I have to say, this one has been my favourite so far. It left my hair feeling & looking amazing after just one use. Would I repurchase? Definitely! On payday though.. ;) 
  • Thickening conditioner by John Frieda. As I've mentioned before, I really never notice much difference when I use different shampoos/conditioners. & unfortunately, this was another example. Although it was nice & left my hair feeling soft, I found it no different to any other conditioner. Would I repurchase? Maybe, maybe not. 
  • Protect & volume shampoo by Pantene. This, again, is another example, like above. It's a nice shampoo & worked really well for my hair, but I don't think it was much difference to shampoos I've used in the past. Would I repurchase? Probably. 
  • Dry shampoo by Batiste. Ahh, my beloved Batiste! I'm pretty sure I used another can of this too, but I chucked it out. I think every girl will share my love for batiste, so I don't really need to go into it. The cherry scent? Quite a nice change to my usual pink batiste (can't remember the scent!). However, I think if you aren't a massive fruit scent fan or of scents that linger, this isn't for you. Would I repurchase? Already have.
Hope you enjoyed my post girlies. I'm now going to take much pleasure in chucking these out! & then it's off out for some Thursday night cocktails for me. Enjoy the rest of your working week girls :) 

Jen xo 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Models Own 50% off sale

Just a quick post here girlies!

As I am a massive nail addict I need your help ;) Models Own have set a target for them selves on Facebook... If they reach 100,000 likes within September they will hold a 50% off sale! This is a massive bargain & I know if they do it, it will also be a massive dent in my purse!

So, if you too want 50% off Models Own polish go over to their Facebook page & like, like, like! :) 

Jen xo

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rose & lemon tonic water | Sundari

Firstly, I'll start with apologising for my lack of posts lately! There are a couple of reasons for this; mainly because I've been trying to sort out everything for my new job & secondly because, to be honest, I lost motivation. But hey! I am back & have many posts planned :) 

I'm going to start with my little win from Sundari. A couple of weeks ago now luck was definitely in my favour. Everything was going so smoothly! In this week I was offered many job interviews, and even a job offer. As well as this, all the little things were going my way :) 

Whilst having a little browse on Facebook I noticed Ytsara and Sundari UK were holding a competition that nobody had yet entered. The question was to translate Sundari in Sanskirt. I quickly googled this & replied 'Beautiful?'. I was correct & they sent me my prize. I was so chuffed, I never win competitions & I'd never tried any Sundari products. 

I was sent a rose & lemon tonic water; which is an alcohol free toner & a facial freshener. Can I just add - how cute is the packaging?! I just had to show you a picture :) 

The tonic water has 2 functions. It can be used as a toner by spraying product onto a cotton pad & applying to the face in circular motions. & also as a facial freshener by spraying product directly onto the face from 8-10 inches. During the summer I absolutely loved facial fresheners, but with the days getting colder & darker I haven't really felt the need for a freshener. However, I have loved using this product as a daily toner. I find it further removes any impurities after I've cleansed & I also think it balances out my skins oiliness.

Now onto the ingredients & scent. I was unsure that I'd like the smell of this product as I'm realllly not a fan of rose. However, I love this! Although I can pick up on the rose scent, the lemon scent is also apparent & really balances it out. This is a definite win for me :) As you may have guessed the tonic water contains rose oil & lemon oil. Rose oil soothes dry, rough skin; whilst lemon oil balances out oiliness. As well as these the tonic water contains aloe leaf juice, which also soothes skin, & many other essential oils. 

As well as all the goodies packed into this product there are also no synthetic fragrances or dyes. & the product is allergy & dermatologist tested. Could it be any better?!

Hope you girls are all well. I've missed writing to you! 

Jen xo 

Friday, 21 September 2012

GlossyBox | September

This months GB was beautifully designed by illustrator Maggie Li. I absolutely love the box, it's so cute :) I'll definitely be keeping this for storage, or maybe to fill with Christmas pressies for somebody! 

Moving on from the beautiful box... Septembers box was called Rising Stars, in time for London Fashion Week. Here's what it contains - 

  • Fame fragrance by Lady Gaga. I'm not a great fan of receiving these little perfume vials in beauty boxes. After you've used it once, there's nothing left. Which kinda sucks since I pay for my beauty boxes. But besides that, I'm glad I got the new Lady Gaga perfume. My friend has it & I love the scent, so I'll definitely enjoy wearing it for that one time I can ;) 
  • Glamoxy snake serum & 5 minute facial by Rodial. The snake serum is used to reduce the appearance of frown lines & wrinkles. Fortunately I'm a little too young to have a use for these, so it looks like finding a polite way of giving them to my ma ;) On the other hand I'll definitely find a use for the 5 minute facials - triple action resurfacing clay masks. Love clay masks :D 
  • Wonder eye cream by Balance Me. Balance Me have there paws in everything lately! I'm not complaining though, they're a good brand & their products really do work. I'm quite happy to get eye cream as I've never actually had one before (shock horror!). 
  • Vitamin E moisture cream by Body Shop. I love the Body Shop, so I'm glad to see them appear in a beauty box :) This cream claims to be a bestselling daily moisturiser. It smells soo nice, reminds me of a clean, soft, little baby(?!). Can't wait to use this!
  • Techni art full volume extra mousse by L'Oreal. I've never ever tried hair mousse so I'm quite intrigued to use this! I'm not actually sure how you even use it, so I'll have to do a little research first haha.   
  • Techni art smooth control gel-cream by L'Oreal. This product isn't actually including on my contents list, so I don't know whether I received this by accident. I'm not complaining ;) The cream claims to be ideal for smoothing unruly hair. I don't particularly have frizzy hair, but this will be great for days when I don't wanna use any heat.
I neither dislike, nor love this months box. I've seen from other peoples reviews that some received Mythic hair oil. I've wanted to try this oil for so so long, so I'm a little gutted I didn't get that. But hey, that's what  all this beauty box business is about! 

Jen xo

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A butter suite | Soap & Glory

Butters are by far my favourite type of moisturisers! I just love how thick & creamy they are, & how soft they leave your skin feeling. Being a Soap & Glory addict, their 'Butter Suite' was the perfect gift for me! 

Butter Suite is £15 & contains 3x150ml moisturisers - The Daily Smooth, Original Formula The Righteous Butter & Butter Up. All of which are gorgeous moisturisers & will keep you stocked up for a good while :) 

I personally don't see much of a difference between the three, apart from fragrance. However, they're all great so I don't mind. I've tried all 3 of them & they are all so moisturising. Even at the end of the day when I'm getting into bed, my legs & arms still feel silky smooth & smell lush :) My fella even comments on how smooth my skin is when I use these! 

Butter Up. As you can see this is the butter I'm currently using. Butter Up contains cocoa butter, sweet almond, shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E, 5-fruit skin smoothers & grapeseed oil. If all of these in one pot can't care for your dry skin, I don't know what will! The fragrance for this butter is more on the fruity side; with notes of grape & citrus.

The Daily Smooth. This butter contains rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter. The fragrance is absolutely gorrrgeous! It smells like a really girly floral perfume. In fact, if you've smelt S&G's Mist You Madly body spray - it's exactly like that! 

Original Formula The Righteous Butter. This butter contain shea butter & aloe vera. I love this butter, I've used it for many years now. It's kinda like my original go-to moisturiser! To me, this is the original S&G scent. I have no other way  to describe it other than that! Most of you will know the scent I mean, those of you who don't - get yourself to the nearest Boots & have a sniff!

So there you go, the S&G butter suite! My fave in terms of moisturising is the Butter Up - how can it not be with all those ingredients. Whilst my fave scent is the Daily Smooth.

Have you guys tried any of these? Or maybe even some of the other S&G moisturisers?

Hope your all having a good week,

Jen xo

Thursday, 13 September 2012

NOTD | Pink candy stripe nails

It's been a little while since I've done a nail art post, so I thought it was definitely time :) 

Currently at my local Westfield shopping centre they have an amazing deal on - if you spend £70 on fashion you get a free OPI polish! I saw the posters whilst I was having a wonder around with my friend. I didn't really buy anything but he was prepping for his trip to London to see Lady Gaga & the £70 target was easily reached :) Being a guy & all that he was happy for my to take advantage of his little spree & claim the OPI polish for myself. When I went to the concierge they offered me 1 of 3 colours... a gold shade (of which I already own a similar Topshop shade), a red/orange shade (which was quite similar to my Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It) & a lovely dusty rose colour. As you can probably guess I went for the pink shade, called Sparrow Me The Drama.

Now on to the nail art... I decided to do a candy stripe nail, as I thought my new polish would make a perfect base. Below are the products I used...

So, I used Sally Hansen's miracle nail thickener as a base coat & then 2 applications of my shiney new OPI Sparrow Me The Drama. Next I used a white nail striper & painted a line down the centre of my nail. Followed by 2 stripes on each side of the centre stripe. When the white stripes had dried I applied a generous layer of OPI's rapid dry top coat.

Voila! Simple, but oh-so cute :)

Jen xo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mini celebratory haul :D

So, on Monday I received the phone call that I'd been dreaming of. I was offered a job as a biomedical scientist at my local hospital! My 3 years of uni have paid off, & in such a short amount of time (I only graduated in July!). I am so so chuffed :D

Until this job offering I was just working in a bar on Saturday nights, so I was having to be really tight with money. However, after the phone call I went straight to my local shopping centre, Merry Hill, & treated myself. I didn't really buy anything amazing, but they were all things I've wanted for a while, but had held back. After my little spree I then headed towards Wetherspoons &, once more, treated myself to a few bevvies!

Some of you may have seen my recent post regarding my massive effort in growing my hair! Since that post I've been using Lee Stafford's hair growth treatment in between shampoo & conditioner. I figured if I was using the hair growth shampoo & conditioner the products would work to their maximum, so I bought exactly that! In Boots Lee Stafford was (& probably still is currently) on 3 for 2. I initially picked up a heat defence spray, but then my boyfriend oh so correctly pointed out that if I'm on a heat ban what's the point. What a babe. So I thought I'd take the chance & try out something different. I went for the sea salt spray, as I've never tried anything like this before :)

Also in Boots I picked up a can of my trusty Batiste! Whilst queueing I walked past the ever so eye-catching Benefit's They're Real mascara. I couldn't resist! I have wanted this mascara since the day it came out. I'm kinda glad I had to wait so long though, because now they have a great deal on. For the same price as previously the mascara now comes with a mini-me!

On my last toiletry stop I went to The Body Shop & knew exactly what I wanted. I picked up the Seaweed skincare range that are targeted for oily/combination skin. The set I bought includes a cleanser, toner, day cream & night cream. I haven't had a skin care routine targeted for my skin type in such a long time, so I really excited to see if these work wonders for me :)

Last but definitely not least I bought some gorrrgeous leopard print ankle boots wedges from River Island. I thought these would be perfect for the Autumn and plus they'd be really versatile for casual and smart wear. I've never owned anything leopard print either :) 

I'll keep you guys up-to-date with the new job, I'm not sure when I start just yet. & I'm so so excited to do my first pay day haul, haha! :D

Jen xo

Oooh, by the way recently I'm really enjoying using Instagram, so lemme know if you have it! & follow me ;) my username is jlo_321.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

BooHoo blogger challenge

BooHoo made it into the top 10 fashion money saving websites. Whoop, go them! To celebrate have launched a blogger challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under on Fashion Vouchers will then choose 4 winners, with a prize of £50 BooHoo vouchers.

I was really excited when I received the email from Fashion Vouchers, as this is my first blogger competition :D However, I really don't consider myself a very fashionable person, so don't expect anything amazing :P

With the transition from summer to winter I've gone for something a little warmer, but grabbing the last opportunity to show off a little flesh. So here's the outfit I chose...

  • Annie oversized vintage jumper in burgundy, £20. Like I said earlier, I'm not very fashionable, I'm all for comfort! & I absolutely love the colour burgundy. So this jumper is perfect. It just looks so cosy :) 
  • Grace winter washed aztec print demin shorts, £20. I love the aztec print! I think these shorts would work really well with the plain burgundy jumper. As they as black & white, they'd be really versatile too. 
  • Olivia leaf bracelet in gold, £6. Feathers have a really personal meaning to me, so I love all feather jewellery. I also think gold works really well with burgundy. & it's just so pretttttty!
  • Frankie gold glitz glitter nail varnish, £4. As most of you will know I'm a massive lover of all things nails! So I obviously had to incorporate nail polish into my outfit ;) I chose a glitter polish as they are quite popular in the blogosphere at the moment. & I went for the gold shade to tie in with the dainty bracelet. 
& the total cost of my outfit is £50. Whoop, bang on the limit :D 

Lemme know what you think of my first real fashion post!

Jen xo

Sunday, 9 September 2012

NOTD | Zebra print & lilac

I'm going to start by apologising to those of you who don't like feet! I, for one, am one of those people. So it even grosses me out a little that I'm posting a picture of my toes, but eh, we are all friends here! 

I always have nail polish on my toes, but I never ever give them much attention. I'm not a massive fan of feet, so mine are never on show.. explaining why they get no TLC. But today, I felt that this needs to change!

I decided to go for a zebra print on my big toes. It's quite simple to do with a nail striper & is really different to anything I've worn before. The other toe nails are a little small for nail art & I didn't really want to paint them all white or all black. So, I used my brand spanking new OPI, that I bought yesterday - Do You Lilac It? 

Do your toe nails get much lovin'? Or are mine just hard done to!

Jen xo

Friday, 7 September 2012

She Said Beauty | September

This months SSB box was entitled 'Skincare September'. I don't have a set skincare routine, so I'm always up for trying out new products :)

  • Green tea whitening marvel gel by Ginvera. This is a daily exfoliator which claims to zero-out blackheads thoroughly & painlessly. I love a good facial exfoliator, it's a great way of removing the dead skin cells sitting on your face (ew). I haven't tried this out yet, so fingers crossed!
  • Primed & ready smoothing make-up primer by Collection 2000. I've been wanting to try out a new primer, so I'm chuffed to have this! The only primer I've ever used is Benefit's porefessional - which is amazing! Like the porefessional this primer claims to reduce the visible size of pores & prep the face for make-up. Although I didn't notice a change in the size of my pores it did help with the application of foundation - making it easier to create an even base. I think I'm going to use this primer day-to-day & save my porefessional primer for nights out & special occasions :) Fullsize - £5.99.
  • Long lasting make-up fixer by Collection 2000. I've never tried a make-up setter, so again I was chuffed to receive this. I haven't yet tried it, but it claims to add radiance and keep make-up in its place for longer. I really hope this works! Would be great for nights out. Fullsize - £5.99.
  • Deep cleansing oil by DHC. I received this cleanser in my last GlossyBox, & I still haven't used it so I'm not over the moon about getting another one. As it's oil I'm a little weary of putting it on my already slightly oily skin. But, I think now that I've got 2 I'm gonna be brave & try it out! Fullsize (30ml) - £3.50.
  • Spring clean cooling clay mask by Amie. Face masks are my favourite :) I love trying out all different ones, so I'm looking forward to a night in with this mask on. This mask is a deep-cleansing mask that claims to draw out dirt & impurities, whilst soaking up excess oil. Sounds good to me! Fullsize (15ml) - £1.50.
  • Salt & vinegar Popchips. These were added in a little 'SSB treat'. They are a healthy alternative to a packet of crisps, at only 45 calories a bag. Unlike some other healthy snacks they are quite yummu too! Fullsize - 79p.
All in all I think it's quite a nice box :) I'm really glad I've now got a daily primer, so I can save my fave for nights out. I'm also looking forward to trying out the setting spray & the clay face mask!

If you too want to receive monthly SSB boxes, check out there site here :)

Jen xo 

100 follower giveaway WINNER!

After just over 2 weeks of my 100 follower giveaway, it's now time to randomly choose a winner! Ahh exciting. To pick the winner I used a random number generator on This way it was fair :) Though I do wish I could give you all something!!

& the winner is.... Drumroll please....


Congratulations Sade, I have emailed you asking for your postal address :) 

Thank you everybody who entered! 

Jen xo

Thursday, 6 September 2012

From beauty boxes to beauty storage.

I've been receiving GlossyBox for 4 months now & I still have each box! They are just way too pretty to chuck away & they make for easy storage. Previous to now I've just been using them as individual storage boxes & have kept them beneath my bed. However, this started to look a little cluttered.

Whilst looking through pictures on GB's Facebook page I came across some amazing creations people had made with the boxes they'd collected. This was perfect inspiration for me to make my own :) I went ahead &  made my very own GB drawers.

So, I'm going to attempt to explain how I made the drawers. I've included lots of pictures, so I hope you guys can get the jist! :D

Here are the tools I used -

  • 4 Glossy Boxes (you can use any beauty box, or something similar)
  • Super glue. (Mine is a cheap pack from Poundland, & it works just fine :)
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife (not necessary, but easier to use then scissors)
  • Ribbon (I collected mine from received GlossyBoxes & She Said Beauty boxes)
  • I also used a stapler towards the end, but it isn't pictured
Here goes...

1. Take your first box & cut down each corner, until you reach the base. Fold down the sides & cut them off completely. The sides can be discarded & the base is used for the base of your drawers. 

2. Take 2 lids & cut the corners off only one long side on each lid. Again, fold down the side & cut it completely off. The 2 side pieces can be discarded & the 2 lids will make the sides of the drawers. 

3. Using your super glue attach the base from the 1st box to one of the shorter sides on one of the lids previously cut. Note: The cut side on the lid will be the side facing forward. 

4. Do the same with the other lid, making sure the cut end is facing the front. Be careful not to make this too snug, otherwise it'll be hard getting your draws in & out - I learnt this the hard way!

5. On a new lid cut down the corners & fold them flat.

6. Cut off completely the 2 shorter sides. The cut sections can be discarded & the rest will make the back of your drawers.

7. Compare the size of the remainder of the lid to the back of your drawers, cut off any overlapping the outside. I cut off the pink part of the long sides & discarded these. 

8. Super glue the remainder of the lid to the back of your drawers. 

9. For an open top to your drawers super glue your last lid to the top of your drawers. 

10. Using ribbon from the GlossyBox packaging I created little loops that can be used as pulleys on each drawer. I simply stapled together 2 ends of cut ribbon & super glued them to each drawer.

11. Voila, your drawers are now complete!

12. The only thing left is to decorate your drawers. I super glued a little bow to the top lid & also glued a lighter piece of ribbon to conceal the seam between the top lid & the rest of the drawers. You could get so creative on this part; using rhinestones, gems, paint, etc. 

I have placed mine on top of my clothing chest of drawers. It really fits in well with the rest of my room & I'm quite proud, haha. On top of the drawers I have placed items that I grab on a very regular basis - my tangle teezer, hair oil, Aussie heat spray, deodorant, moisturiser & my 2 current perfumes. 

In the drawers I have stored products that I'm currently using or trying out. Glossy boxes are quite deep so you can fit so much in them!

This little project was so quick & easy to make! & I'm glad I've found a way of recycling my Glossy boxes :) Let me know in the comments below if you've tried this out, or something similar. I'd love to have a look!

Jen xo

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Soap & Glory | Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush is one of Soap & Glory's delightful body scrubs. I bought this in Boots when they had the 3 for 2 Soap & Glory offer on, man I love those deals... But usually it's £8 a pop.

The first thing I'll talk about is the ingredients & the smell. This scrub contains smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil & macadamia grains. With all these mixed together you can only imagine how lush it smells. It's quite obvious from the list of ingredients, but it smells like a sweet, sugary lime. Mmm.

Now down to the nitty gritty... quite literally. I am really enjoying using this scrub & it definitely leaves my skin feeling smoother & softer. However, the scrub I was using before this was Soap & Glory's Flake Away, & I feel that did a much better job as an exfoliator. Flake Away just seemed to be a lot more gritty & therefore worked that little bit harder to get rid of my dead skin. If I could take the smell of Sugar Crush & mix it with the texture of Flake Away, I'd be in exfoliator heaven!

So for those of you who, like myself, prefer a more intense body scrub I would suggest going with Flake Away. But for those who prefer a softer scrub, Sugar Crush is for you :)

I am yet to find a Soap & Glory product that I don't rate! Have any of you guys tried any of their other body scrubs?

Jen xo

Monday, 3 September 2012

NOTD | OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It

My love for OPI is probably well known by now! I get cravings for a new polish, & I just cannot resist! Although this shade was bought by my lovely boyfriend for my 21st birthday :) 

OPI are by far the best polish I have tried, closely followed by Essie & Topshop. Their colour selection is redonkulous - there are just so many! Not only this but they apply so nicely. No visible brush strokes, fast drying, opaque colours & long-lasting wear. 

This post is just a quick one but I wanted to show you this lovely colour. It's called Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, which I think is a fab name! I love this colour, it's one of my new faves. Indoors it appears to be your average red shade, but in natural light it appears to be a bright orange. I love this about OPIs - a few of the OPI polishes I own appear different shades in different light. 

Jen xo

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Grow hair, grow!

I am on a mission to have long hair! I don't have short hair, I'd call it mid-length - it comes just below my shoulders. But, I realllly really want long hair, & have done for such a long time. But, like it says on the top of the Lee Stafford product pictured below, my hair just won't grow past a certain length!

I'm determined to get my stubborn locks past this 'certain length'. I've bought a few new products & have set a couple of rules.

The Rules.

  • No heat! I'm on an absolute ban of GHD's/curlers/heated rollers. & a semi-ban of hair dryers. I say semi-ban because it's kind of impossible to ban my hair dryer all together. For days when I'm in a rush in the morning I'll allow myself to use the hair dryer, but any other day I will let it dry naturally. This rule has been applied for about a week and a half so far, & hasn't yet been broken!
  • Give my hair days off. A friend of mine told me that not washing our hair every day will help it to grow. I'm one of those who wash their hair every single day. I wish I didn't have to, but I just hate the way it looks/feels when I don't. But from now on whenever I'm not going anywhere or doing anything special I will give my poor hair a rest. 
The Products. 

  • Heat protection by Aussie. Although I'm on a heat ban, I'll need a heat protection spray for the days I'm in a rush & need to blow dry my hair. 
  • Hair growth treatment by Lee Stafford. I'm really hoping this product works for me, it sounds promising! It says to use it with every wash in between shampoo & conditioner, until hair improves. It claims to fertilize your follicles, creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster, as well as reducing hair loss and moisturising the scalp. My fingers are tightly crossed!
  • Hair supply by Soap & Glory. This is a hair mask I've used before & am quite fond of (I'll write a review soon :). I figured a hair mask once every 1 or 2 weeks will help the process to. 
  • Healing oil spray by Macadamia. I've never been one for hair oils or leave in sprays, & only ever experienced them on trips to the hair dressers. But in a recent beauty box I received a Redken leave in treatment spray, & instantly it worked wonders! My hair felt so much softer, it was easier to style & was just healthier in general. I ran out of this pretty fast & couldn't go back to not using any at all. So I decided to buy an oil spray, which are bigged up so much in the blogging world. It claims to heal, shine & protect
  • Tangle Teezer. It's not so much a product, but I've included at it as I will only be using this brush to comb my hair. Tangle Teezers are designed to comb through wet or dry hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. & they really do work! Before using this comb I use to use a kids de-tangling spray to get a comb through my hair, now there's no need :). This results in less snagging of the hair & obviously less damage. 
So, fingers crossed my rules & regulations will pay off! I'll let you know if I see any improvements or even if any of the products are a disappointment (hopefully they won't be!). Also, let me know if any of you guys have any more tips that could help me & my stubborn hair! 

Jen xo