Friday, 21 September 2012

GlossyBox | September

This months GB was beautifully designed by illustrator Maggie Li. I absolutely love the box, it's so cute :) I'll definitely be keeping this for storage, or maybe to fill with Christmas pressies for somebody! 

Moving on from the beautiful box... Septembers box was called Rising Stars, in time for London Fashion Week. Here's what it contains - 

  • Fame fragrance by Lady Gaga. I'm not a great fan of receiving these little perfume vials in beauty boxes. After you've used it once, there's nothing left. Which kinda sucks since I pay for my beauty boxes. But besides that, I'm glad I got the new Lady Gaga perfume. My friend has it & I love the scent, so I'll definitely enjoy wearing it for that one time I can ;) 
  • Glamoxy snake serum & 5 minute facial by Rodial. The snake serum is used to reduce the appearance of frown lines & wrinkles. Fortunately I'm a little too young to have a use for these, so it looks like finding a polite way of giving them to my ma ;) On the other hand I'll definitely find a use for the 5 minute facials - triple action resurfacing clay masks. Love clay masks :D 
  • Wonder eye cream by Balance Me. Balance Me have there paws in everything lately! I'm not complaining though, they're a good brand & their products really do work. I'm quite happy to get eye cream as I've never actually had one before (shock horror!). 
  • Vitamin E moisture cream by Body Shop. I love the Body Shop, so I'm glad to see them appear in a beauty box :) This cream claims to be a bestselling daily moisturiser. It smells soo nice, reminds me of a clean, soft, little baby(?!). Can't wait to use this!
  • Techni art full volume extra mousse by L'Oreal. I've never ever tried hair mousse so I'm quite intrigued to use this! I'm not actually sure how you even use it, so I'll have to do a little research first haha.   
  • Techni art smooth control gel-cream by L'Oreal. This product isn't actually including on my contents list, so I don't know whether I received this by accident. I'm not complaining ;) The cream claims to be ideal for smoothing unruly hair. I don't particularly have frizzy hair, but this will be great for days when I don't wanna use any heat.
I neither dislike, nor love this months box. I've seen from other peoples reviews that some received Mythic hair oil. I've wanted to try this oil for so so long, so I'm a little gutted I didn't get that. But hey, that's what  all this beauty box business is about! 

Jen xo


  1. The design of the box is absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely keep it for decoration :)

    1. I know, it's so cute :) It's waiting under my bed for me to decide what to keep in it, haha xx

  2. OOh I am hoping mine is sat waiting for me in my office when I go in next week, it will be my first one xx

    1. That's a lovely idea, getting it delivered to your office :) xx

  3. Great stuff!! :)