Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rose & lemon tonic water | Sundari

Firstly, I'll start with apologising for my lack of posts lately! There are a couple of reasons for this; mainly because I've been trying to sort out everything for my new job & secondly because, to be honest, I lost motivation. But hey! I am back & have many posts planned :) 

I'm going to start with my little win from Sundari. A couple of weeks ago now luck was definitely in my favour. Everything was going so smoothly! In this week I was offered many job interviews, and even a job offer. As well as this, all the little things were going my way :) 

Whilst having a little browse on Facebook I noticed Ytsara and Sundari UK were holding a competition that nobody had yet entered. The question was to translate Sundari in Sanskirt. I quickly googled this & replied 'Beautiful?'. I was correct & they sent me my prize. I was so chuffed, I never win competitions & I'd never tried any Sundari products. 

I was sent a rose & lemon tonic water; which is an alcohol free toner & a facial freshener. Can I just add - how cute is the packaging?! I just had to show you a picture :) 

The tonic water has 2 functions. It can be used as a toner by spraying product onto a cotton pad & applying to the face in circular motions. & also as a facial freshener by spraying product directly onto the face from 8-10 inches. During the summer I absolutely loved facial fresheners, but with the days getting colder & darker I haven't really felt the need for a freshener. However, I have loved using this product as a daily toner. I find it further removes any impurities after I've cleansed & I also think it balances out my skins oiliness.

Now onto the ingredients & scent. I was unsure that I'd like the smell of this product as I'm realllly not a fan of rose. However, I love this! Although I can pick up on the rose scent, the lemon scent is also apparent & really balances it out. This is a definite win for me :) As you may have guessed the tonic water contains rose oil & lemon oil. Rose oil soothes dry, rough skin; whilst lemon oil balances out oiliness. As well as these the tonic water contains aloe leaf juice, which also soothes skin, & many other essential oils. 

As well as all the goodies packed into this product there are also no synthetic fragrances or dyes. & the product is allergy & dermatologist tested. Could it be any better?!

Hope you girls are all well. I've missed writing to you! 

Jen xo 


  1. I wish I'd known about that competition, lol, sundari means the same thing in Hindi as well. :) Congratulations on winning it, the packaging really is lovely!


    1. Thanks :) I know, it's so pretty xx

  2. I really like the sound of this x