Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Think Pink Tag

Many of you are probably already know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The lovely Rachel from Blush & Brunch tagged me in her post 'The think pink tag', & what a lovely post it is! The aim is to raise awareness of the disease & spread the word over our little blogging community. So that is exactly what I'm going to do :)

Here are the rules for the tag...

  1. Pick out your fave pink food, make-up, fashion, & random item.
  2. Spread the message about breast cancer to a female friend/family in your life - the awareness, the symptoms, the checks, the healthy foods that help prevent the disease... anything or everything! 
  3. Write a blog post about 1 & 2, linking back to Blush and Brunch. 
  4. Tag 3 of your blogger girlfriends to do the same.

Here are my faves :) 
Food - This may be cheating a little as I guess they're red, but shh ;) .. pomegranates!! I love 'em. They've just came into season too :)  
Make-up - My Rimmel lippy by Kate Moss in shade 20. It's quite a vibrant pink, but I wore it to my graduation ball & love it!
Fashion - Cause I have blonde hair I tend to stay away from pink clothing. Blonde hair + pink clothes = Barbie lookalike! But I do have a pink Topshop hoody that I love to wear when I'm lazing around the house.
Random - How pretty is that blossom?! I love this time of year when all the trees change colour & begin to fall. Just so pretty :D

Now for the serious stuff.. I figured instead of writing an essay on breast cancer & all it's factors, I would write just a few lines on one of things I think are most important... early diagnosis. As a biomedical scientist I'm very familiar with cancers & their progression. & breast cancer, like many other cancers, have a better outcome when they are detected early. So I found these little steps for us to all stay in tune with our boobs!
  1. Know what is normal to you!
  2. Look & feel your breasts (inc. upper chest & armpits too).
  3. Know what changes to look for (lumps, pain, dimpling of skin, change is shape/position of nippes, swelling under armpit).
  4. Report any changes without delay to your GP.
  5. Make sure you attend breast screening if you're over 50. 
I hope you guys liked this post & it's been informative :) Such a great cause! 

I tag... Jen from It's a Blondes Life!, Rach from RivaSoave & Helen from Helen Rambles On.

Have a good weekend girlies!! Jen xo 


  1. Hey great post! i think this is great that we can send out a message to all our readers! in one big tag! hehe thanks for tagging me!! I was wondering what post I was going to do today and now I know!!! hehe :D

    Jen xxx

    1. I agree, it'sa great tag for a fab cause! Haha no problem :D xx

  2. So glad you did this great tag too! I love pomegranates too, I have one sitting on my kitchen table at the moment!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. I read your tag of this too :) Mm I need a pomegranate on my table! Haha xx

  3. awww thanks for the doing the tag, love your answers! those blossoms are beautiful. and i loveeee pomegranate too, especially on frozen yogurt ;)

    also thank you for sharing the breast cancer tips! i've been reading more about it lately too, great to share with girlfriends all the tips and reminders.

    have a great weekend dear!

    rachel x

    1. No problem :D It's a great tag. Ohh pomegranates are the best on frozen yogurt. I've suddenly got hungry haha. Thanks Rach :) You too! xx

  4. Hey Jen, I'm a big fan of this post! Also I really love all the pink things you've chosen - I used to be obsessed with blossom when i was little! I'd love to do this tag! I'll try to get it done this week :D

    rach xxxx

    1. Aww, that's cute :) Okidoke, I'll look out for it!! xx

  5. Great responses, got me craving pomegranate, lol! :) Love your blog, by the way! Just followed! :)

    1. Now you mention it, me too haha. Thanks so much :D xx