Monday, 15 October 2012

We got bored...

As the title suggests I got pretty bored the other day... along with my little sis. We umm'd & ahh'd over what to do, but with no car or money the options were limited. Being a complete nail art whore I just went to town on her nails! They aren't great, but I've not done many of these designs before :)

I love the little tuxedo, I think it's soo cute! :D Have you guys got any nail art ideas for me to try out? Or do you want a tutorial on how to do any of these? Just lemme know :) 

Hope you had a great weekend girlies! Jen xo


  1. these are all so cute lol i like a eyeball haha xx

  2. woweee! these are brill!! i would not have a steady enough hand to create them!! love your halloween fangs :D and also the diamond is cool too!!

    Jen xxx

    1. Thank you :) Can't wait to be Halloween nails! xx

  3. This is adorable! You did really well for not doing many of them before, the tuxedo is really cute!

  4. the tux is cute! the eyeballs would be great for halloween too :)


  5. haha they look really cool! x