Friday, 26 October 2012

What happens when I get left alone..

Happy Friday girlies :D I hope you all have something fab planned for your weekend. I'm so excited for tomorrow night. I work in a really busy club on the weekends & tomorrow we have our Halloween party! I lurrve Halloween & dressing up! This year I'm gonna be a zombie nurse, I'll post photos if I look any good ;)

Last weekend was a little different. I was left to my own devices. & like a little puppy, I don't like being on my own, haha. My parents had gone on holiday, my boyfriend was away with the Marines, my sister was out enjoying her new relationship (aww!) & all my friends seemed to be busy. Boo, lets get out the violins! It's dangerous when I'm left alone, I always seem to do the same thing... spend money! I always, always do this haha. Whether it's internet shopping or a trip to Merry Hill. I decided on Merry Hill over the internet & off I went...

I mainly bought presents for other people (crimbo - ahhh excited!). Some of which I can't show you, just in case he see's this post, but I'll show you the others & what I bought myself :)

  • Falsies mascara by Maybelline. Love this mascara! It's my go-to for day time wear. It really opens up your eyes & makes your lashes look full & long. 
  • Lip liner in Almond by Natural Collection. I grabbed this lip liner in the hope it will pair with my Kate Moss lippy in 113. It was the nudest-type liner I could find. I haven't tried it out yet, but hopefully it works! If anyone has any suggestions pretty please lemme know :) 
  • Eye liner in Nude by Rimmel. I saw Tanya Burr (Pixi2woo) use this in her latest make-up look for Taylor Swift. She used it on the water line & it really opened up her eyes & made them look brighter. Thought I'd give it a whirl!
  • Cleanser in Seaweed by The Body Shop. This cleanser is now a staple in my skincare regime. I love the seaweed range, it's great for combination/oily skin. 
  • Stay Matte pressed powder by Rimmel. The camera has washed it out a little, but I promise it's there :) I've heard quite a lot of good things about this powder by many bbloggers/YouTubers. Plus fact, my No7 powder is really big & bulky, so I thought I'd try out this one & it's more compact.
  • Love At First Blush by Soap & Glory. I bought this for my MommaBear for Crimbo. I caught her looking at it in the airport during the summer. Mental note was made & completed!
  • Rose & pistachio coconut delight by Pariya. I bought these for my sister from Harvey Nichols. They look absolutely gorgeous! Not a very gorgeous price tag to match tho.. I look forward to stealing one on Xmas day! ;) 
  • T-shirt from Topshop. It's a really long, baggy black tee & has slits up both sides. I'm thinking maybe over a pair of leggings/tights & ruffled up with a waist belt. Hmm, I'll have to have a play. 
  • Yankee Candles. Oh my, I just looooove these bad boys! I've became obsessed lately & couldn't resist picking up a couple a couple of the Xmas scents. I went for Christmas rose, Christmas eve, sugared apple & red apple wreath. 
  • Black studded cardy from Ark. I love Ark! If you guys haven't been to an Ark store yet, find one & go! They have such nice, on-trend clothes at really decent prices. I got this one as I don't have a black cardy & it's so nice & cosy :)
  • Black & white jumper from Topshop. A nice, simple jumper for the cold days!
  • Snood from River Island. This snood is a much nicer green shade then it looks in the picy. I love my snoods & I just had to add one more to more collection ;)
So there are my little buys! Hopefully I don't get left by myself again any time soon. My purse just can't take it! ;)

Have a nice weekend my lovelies! Jen xo


  1. Yay for dressing up! :) Makes work a little more fun too, huh?! Some lovely beauty/clothes in your post. And I absolutely adore Yankee Candles, they're the shizz!

    Having a MAC Makeup giveaway over on my blog if you want to come take a look?


    1. Yesss, love fancy dress at work :D Thank you! Yanke candles are the best! I'll check out your giveaway now :) xx

  2. Hi Jen,

    Haha I do hope the 'he' mentioned in this article relates to me ;)

    Loving that you've got those xmassy candles, if I hadn't been horrendously ill this week I'd have joined you and binged on them as well!

    Liking the River Island snood as well, looks v cute!

    Kyle :)

    1. Kyyyyyyle, :) Yes, 'he' is you. Haha! I'm glad I didn't post them ;) I was going to ask you if you wanted to join, but it was last Sat - I think you were in London..? & thanks! :D xx

    2. Yes yes was in London and then had Liam's party - we'll definitely have to do our Brum/Ming Moon visit sometime this week, without fail! I'm thinking Thursday?