Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy jubilee! :)

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend!

My weekend consists of celebrating my two friends joint birthday party, with the fancy dress theme 'Where's Wally', & then I'm going back to my hometown on Sunday. I'll be working at a bar Sunday evening & possible Monday evening for their jubilee parties. Followed by my Aunt's jubilee party :) In style of this I have attempted to paint Union Jack flags onto my nails :)

I'm not a pro at doing my nails but I do enjoy giving it a go!

I don't (yet!) have any nail art pens, so to do the Union Jacks I just some old make up brushes. I cleaned an old eyeliner brush and an old lip gloss brush.

Have you guys got any plans for the jubilee weekend?

Jen xox


  1. These look amazing for a little DIY nail art!

  2. oooh, i really really love this! i wish i didn't have such crap nails (i bite on them SO BAD!) i always envy bloggers and their damn adorable finger nails. ha ha!
    over here in the states i've been following the jubilee. even in america we love the queen! god bless her :)


    1. I use to have really bad nails too! I used some of that horrible tasting solution to stop me from biting them, you should try it out :) Aww it's so cute how much you guys like our royal family! :) xx