Friday, 15 June 2012

Lead by Topshop nails | Review

After having a few days off from blogging to move all my junk back home I now have 2 little reviews for you. The first on a gorgeous new Topshop nail varnish & the second on Sally Hansen's Insta Dry top coat (although it's getting late so I'll probably do the latter tomorrow :).

So first of all is this little treasure I found in Topshop whilst I was waiting in a queue at the tills. It's one of their nail varnishes in the shade 'Lead'. It stood out to me because of the colours it was giving off when the light hit the bottle. Its like a metallic black metal (lead springs to mind..) but with undertones of purple and green.

Some of the photos below are flash photography as these portrayed the green tones really well. But the purple is more visible in bright natural light (which was somewhat missing here today in glorious England!). Anyways, in these photos I applied a base coat (from a Boots own base and top coat set), 2 applications of lead (although one was sufficiently opaque) & a top coat of Sally Hansen's Insta Dry.

I hope you like this polish as much as I do! If so they're £6. I'm guessing it's stocked in most Topshop stores, but if not... click here :)

Jen xox


  1. Topshop nail polishes are underrated and really good! I've recently been delving into their collections, my favourite being a purple holographic one I use over other polishes! I like this one! I love it when nail polishes have a whole number of shades within one colour!

    rachael x

    1. Their holographic ones are amaaaazing! I'm definitely going to buy more of them! xx

  2. Lovely colour, very shiny!