Friday, 1 June 2012

Soap & Glory Girligo review

Girligo is a spray on moisturising mist I received in one of the many amazing Soap & Glory Christmas packages. I usually love all Soap & Glory products, however, I'm really unsure about this one.

As like all other S&G products the scent is amazing! & the product does what it says it will... moisturise & leave you with fragrant, softer skin. The issue I have is with the product design & its application. It is applied as a spray on, which is fine at first. However, once you have rubbed in the moisturiser on one area & try to spray it elsewhere it is almost impossible! The bottle is quiet slender, & with no grip, therefore with slippy moisturised hands this is a little bit of a challenge & the bottle usually ends up on the floor. Another issue I seemed to have with the spray on design was applying it to my legs. If the bottle isn't at an upright angle the spray doesn't work very well.

Another little disadvantage is the amount of mist required to moisturise. In order to cover an area, such as an arm or leg, I seem to need to spray quiet a lot before I have covered the area. So I feel like I'm using up loooads & the product isn't lasting very long. I'm not sure if this is just me though..? :S Below is a swatch of one spray.

Will I purchase this product again? I hate to say this about S&G, but probably not. I'd much prefer to buy another of their moisturising products; such as their Righteous Butter or Daily Smooth.

For more information on Girligo (& other S&G products) follow this link...

What moisturisers are you currently using?

Jen xox


  1. Thanks for this review jen! i definatly want to give this a go now! i subbed please check my blog out! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I'll check your blog out now xx