Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mini summer clothes haul

The weather has been sooo nice here in Nottingham recently. I really wasn't prepared, as all my summer clothes are back home in Birmingham. So instead of asking my boyfriend to bring some of my summer clothes with him when he comes up tomorrow, I obviously had to go & buy some more! Obviously :)

I didn't plan on abusing my debit card, but somehow it just happened! I figured after finishing my exams I was allowed a treat...?

So here's what I bought...

River Island at £18. It's suppose to be a beige colour, but I think it has a peachy tint too :) I think this top could really be casual or dressed up for a night out. The back of the vest is quiet thin material and the front has little holes in, great for summer!

Miss Selfridge at £22. This vest is from their Barbie collection, as you can see! It's a long baggy style vest & the material is really thin. Also great for the hot weather!

River Island at £19.99. Its a flowery playsuit :) I think this garment could also be worn casual or dressed up with heels, a clutch & some jewellery for a night out. They didn't actually have my size, only the size up. It looked alright on though & it was nice & airy.

River Island at £22. I think this is the favourite item I bought. I have NEVER owned a maxi dress! Being 5ft3 they always drowned me. Buttt, this dress is classed as a 'midi dress', meaning it falls at mid calf, so it was perfect for me :) I loveeeeeeee the strings too! Apologies that it's so creased, it was in the shopping bag all day. 

Over the weekend I also bought a skirt from Bank for £25. I'd show you a photo but I wore it out Saturday night & appear to have dropped something down it. Oops! Here's a picture from the Bank website tho...

Soo, all-in-all a successful shopping trip! A very rare occurrence for me. What are your favourite summer styles? 

Completely irrelevant to clothing, buttt I am celebrating my birthday (verrrry early) tomorrow with a Barbie fancy dress party! Hahaa, too cool ;) Just been prepared some vodka jelly I thought I'd share with you!

I hope you all had a good weekend :)

Jen xox


  1. The barbie top is really pretty, and im loving your high low skirt:)

  2. OMG!!! The barbie top is sooo cute! :)