Friday, 18 May 2012

She Said Beauty box: May

Okay, so I know I am realllly late in writing about the May She Said Beauty box. However, I only signed up last week so I received the box really late compared to everybody else. I thought I'd still do a post on it though, as it's my first ever beauty box (yayyy!).

Today has been horrible! I had my a 3 hour exam :/ 1 of 4, for my final year. Urghh. So it was really nice to come home to my beauty box after that stress.

The She Said Beauty box arrived in a very gorgeous hot pink box, containing....


The box is a little scuffed on the light hand side, but I don't mind - that happens. I will definitely be keeping the box, its a lovely colour & will be great for storing nails varnishes, etc. 

So, inside the box. What did I get?

Beautifulll packaging, I love the tissue paper and bow :) Anyways, with the box I received a 40% off voucher for Kim Kardashian's perfume, from her fragrance website, & a little leaflet with information of the products I received. 

Here's what was inside the box...
I haven't really had chance to use all of the products yet, so I'll do a quick over view :)

  • Certified vegan lip whip by Inika. This product was full size, usually costing £14.30, which already makes the box great value for money. I received it in peach, which isn't to my usual taste. I think over a nice pink lip stick it will look great. The texture is of the best lip gloss I've ever had, it isn't sticky at all & my hair hasn't yet glued it's self to my lips! 
  • False lashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I loveeeeeee eyelashes, so am very happy I received these. I was sent 'Connie'. They are quite natural looking, but I'm sure they'll boost the volume and length of my natural lashes. After I've finished my exams these will definitely accompany me on a few nights out. 
  • SPF 15 with tan accelerator by Green People. With summer around the corner this a great product. I can only hope we get some sun! The product also claims to speed up your tan by 25% :) Bonus!
  • Eau De Parfum by Kim Kardashian. The fragrance isn't my favourite, but it's still nice. It comes in a little 3ml roller ball sample, which is so easy for application. I'll definitely be putting this in my bag!
  • Lotus Soap Trio by Natio. I haven't used an actual bar of soap in so long, I'm actually excited to use this. I haven't opened it yet as I'm moving back home in a couple of weeks and because it's quite a big bar I know I won't use it by the time it comes to packing up. I received 'white locus' & it smells so nice & fresh. 
  • The last product was a bonus 3 product sample gift by Snowberry. I haven't had chance to use these yet, so I can't comment too much. The samples are quite small so I don't think it really gives you chance to experience the benefits of the creams. They were bonus gifts though so I'm not complaining :) I received nourishing rich day cream, bright defence night cream and intensive renewal face serum.
So, overall I am really happy with my first She Said Beauty box :) I will definitely make use of all the products, my favourite being the eyelashes! I look forward to my June beauty box :)

Jen xox 


  1. I had never even heard of She Said beauty boxes! I am looking at the website now haha!
    I would be so excited to get that through the post! And false lashes are an favourite of mine too!
    I realise I am commenting on all your posts, and this may look creepy! Sorry haha


    1. Noo, I like the comments :)
      I only heard about it recently, its suchhh a good idea. There are quite a few beauty boxes; such as this one, Glossy Box, Jolie Box, Amayra & more!
      I love the concept, it's a nice little treat each month :) xxx

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    3. PS. Just got so confused there regarding the time of the posts.. Clearly you just don't live in the UK hahah.

    4. OOPS! I'm so sorry, I removed your comment by accident. You can tell I'm new haha!
      But you should definitely get a box. You deserve it for the revision ;) I wasn't sure which box to get so I ordered the She Said Beauty box & Glossy Box. My logic was to just see which was best & cancel the other. But I received my Glossy Box today & I don't know which to keep! I'll post it in a min :)
      Ooh, I do live in the UK, I'm not sure why its saying that time, is it my blog settings? :S xx

    5. hahaha - and I thought you were very cool for seemingly being 6 hours behind me! Yes! It's somewhere in the blog settings.. hmm.. Can't remember where but I remember having to edit it at some point..
      Try searching on - blogger help search!
      That's okay for deleting my comment, I'm very forgiving. hehe

    6. oh! its just on your overview of your blog thing on your dashboard, go to settings then language and formatting. Voila!