Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Graze box :)

For those that have never heard of Graze before, it is basically a weekly subscription of little healthy snacks! Each week you are sent four different treats; chosen for you from a range of foods, such as freshly baked bread and cake, seeds, dried fruit, olives etc. A subscription of Graze is just £3.79 a week (including post & packaging). Graze is the perfect size, allowing it to fit through the majority of letterboxes. No waiting for post men & having to pick up missed parcels!

You don't get to chose which snacks are sent to you, it's all part of the surprise! :) Graze works by a rating process. After you have eaten the snacks you were sent you can rate them on the Graze website: like, love or bin. If you chose to bin a snack you won't be sent it again, so you'll never get any nasty surprises :) If you like a snack they'll send it you every now & again if you love a snack they send it more often. Sometimes you also get the option of 'send soon'. I have pressed send soon many times & the snack has often arrived in the next box.

The delivery of Graze boxes are great! I have never received a late box & each week have been given very yummy treats! They also have a great feature where you can book a holiday. This allows you to put your holiday dates into the Graze calender & they'll be sure not to send you any boxes whilst your away soaking up the sun!

I look forward to receiving my box every Tuesday. I actually got one through the post today, which is going to assist me nicely whilst I'm revising! Below are picture of the Graze box I received today. If you too are interested in Graze go to www.graze.com and use the code 'XCZ8MTLD' to recieve a free box. Graze allow you to cancel your subscription at any point. 

In this week box I received-

  • Mississippi BBQ pistachios: Smoked BBQ pistachios. (Sent with send soon).
  • Cheddar, red onion & chutney: West country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia. 
  • Boston baguettes: Boston baguettes with a BBQ relish. (Sent with send soon).
  • Korean chilli rice crackers: Crunchy rice crackers with spicy chilli. (Sent with send soon).
I am really happy with my box this week :) I usually receive a couple of the sweet treats in my box. But I wanted to try more of the savoury snacks, so I pressed send soon on quite a few items & as you can see three of my four snacks were sent with send soon. Revision will now be that little more bearable. :)

Thank you for reading,
Jen xox


  1. Oh.. you do use labels on your posts! (sorry..you didn't on your first one haha)
    I've wanted to try Graze for quite a while (WHSmith always gives me vouchers for it) but never have done..
    Can I ask, would all of these healthy snacks last a week (hypothetically - I see they may be too yummy to leave for that long) or do you have to eat them within the first few days?


    1. Haha, it's okay :)
      They last for as long as you can cope with them sitting on your desk, starring at you! That's not very long for me...
      It comes with a little booklet with the nutritional information & expiry dates. The only thing you need to eat on the day are the breads. That's because they bake them fresh :)

    2. haha okay! Thank you, I was never certain!

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