Saturday, 12 May 2012

My first post!


I'm new to the whole blogging scene, so bear with me :)

Okay, so I plan on blogging about beauty and fashion, with a little bit of everything else mixed in too. My favourites are make up, nail products and skin care.

I have recently signed up to a subscription of monthly beauty boxes with Glossy Box & She Said Beauty. Although I do feel it's a bit of a pinch on the my little student purse I wanted to order both boxes so I could compare the two & chose which I prefer. Hopefully I have signed up early enough in the month to receive May beauty boxes :) I'll review these boxes on here also.

I'm going to try & familiarise myself with a little more & then it's off to bed. Early start in the morning - Saturday morning spinning. Kill me now.

Night guys.



  1. Hello hello! I saw your comment on Zoella's instagram post, and thought I'd pop over here and give a reply!
    I'm new to blogging too! (But clearly already obsessed - it's quite easy really!) and am around the same stage as you with wondering WHO out there shall be reading what I put out on my bubble of internet!
    I think really there is not much else you can do as a newbie except comment on others' blogs (Nice, long, thoughtful comments that make others interested..) and then put your blogspot name at the bottom! This (i can tell you from a lot of looking at my stats) has at least brought a few people to my blog!
    Other than that, I was originally totally confused as to why it would never come up when I typed it into google search. I since discovered that when making a post on the right hand site of the editting thing there is little tabs with things like search description and search labels - you have to fill these in in order for google to pick it up. If you look at my blog, at the bottom of each post there are these labels - random words I associate with the post INCLUDING my blogpost name!
    This, and perhaps the fact I've been on here a few weeks now means that typing Rivasoave into Google search come up with me! viola!
    If you search Zoella's youtube channel she also has made a shared vlog with Sprinkle of Glitter about starting up as a blogger - things like start a twitter account, a fb group etc - but my advice is that this comes AFTER you have your first proper handful of followers. Otherwise, who will be reading them? haha!
    I also have exams just now!(Scottish advanced highers so not quite uni finals...) and that's pretty much why my blogspot obsession started! (EEK, procrastination!)

    Pop over to my blog too! I think another great way to get a start on here is to build up friendships with other bloggers and I am totally up for that!

    This was a long comment.. apologies ;)

    1. Hii! Aww thank you for your comment :)
      Ooh I did wonder why it didn't show up on Google, I'll start tagging the name of my blog now, thanks for the little hint! I lovee Zoella & Sprinkle of Glitter, I'll deffo check that video out too :)
      How are your exams going? & what level are Scottish advanced highers, like college or uni..?
      Thanks again for your comment :) I'll have a nosey at yours in a min! xxx

    2. Ooh okay, it's mad how different it all is!
      Sameee, her & baby glitter are so cute :)
      My fingers are crossed for you too!