Sunday, 27 May 2012


It feels soooo weird!! I had the last exam of my uni finals on Friday & now I have my life back. Yayyy :) Literally don't know what to do with myself, & when I do do something I start feeling guilty that I'm not revising... then I realise I don't need to! Such a good feeling :) & fingers crossed I'll be graduating in the summer!

Soo, what have I been up to since? Well, when we all finished the exam on Friday we opened up a bottle of champers (or 2!) outside & had a little toast. Cheesy I know ;) Then we went for a few more at the SU, came home to a little BBQ & went out for a friends 21st.

This is me & one of my housemates (who also does Biomedical Science) having a toast!

Then on Saturday after going for a cracking fry up, I went into town & then out again on the evening for another friends 21st! & now here I am, hanging in bed. Whoop :) 

I don't really consider myself a fashionable person but I'll upload the outfits I wore for my outings :)

Please excuse the posey picture at the bottom :P My boyfriend is away training with the Marines & he asked me to send a picture...

So now I'm finished, & officially unemployed, hopefully I'll have more time to do posts! :)

Hope you've all had a good weekend too!

Jen xox

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