Saturday, 23 June 2012

What to spend your Boots No7 voucher on!

Even though I love all things beauty, before setting up this blog (not so long ago!) I didn't really know much on the subject. So I always stuck with the same foundation - maybelline matte mouse. But I realised after reading many blogs & watching many YouTube videos that I need to grow with the times, expand my beauty collection & GET A NEW FOUNDATION! 

So, like many others, I went out & bought the new Rimmel wake me up foundation. (I'll do a review on this when I am more familiar to it :). Another thing I learnt from blogs & YouTube is that applying foundation with your fingers isn't the best idea. Firstly it isn't very good for your skin, as you are rubbing your fingers all over your face & possibly spreading dirt & bacteria, & secondly using a brush for application applies a much smoother & even coverage. With this in mind I set out to find a sparkly new brush for my sparkly new foundation. With my £5 No7 voucher I obviously had to head to that section Boots! Where I found this little beauty for £14, meaning I only paid £9. 

Because I spent over £5 of my own money I was given yet another No7 £5 voucher. & I just couldn't help myself!...

With this being my first (in a very long time) liquid foundation I'm a little scared of it making me look oily or too shiny. I much prefer the matte look to my face in general. So I decided I needed a loose powder in my life, for a little dusting over the liquid foundation - setting my foundation & also giving a more matte appearance.

After speaking to the assistant at the No7 stand I opted for the perfect light loose powder in medium. The powder is a massive 24g for £11 (I paid £6)!

As sad as it is I'm really excited to try out my new foundation routine. If it's a great success, or a massive failure, I will let you know! :)

Hope you enjoyed the post,

Jen xox


  1. Ooh! first comment!
    Firstly I wish to say, I am so, so in love with the No7 voucher reward scheme! And find it hilarious that upon using one I generally end up with another!
    Next, yes! Brushes are a great idea! And no7 ones are super soft! hoorah
    Also, I had never noticed No7 powder... Hmm... I have a voucher so i know what this means!

    rach xxx

    1. I know, it's amazing. I wish they did it with more brands! I'm loving using a brush, don't know why I didn't sooner!! xx