Friday, 10 August 2012

From desserts to jewellery storage

Have any of you guys tried any of the Gu desserts? Oh my dayyyyyyyyyyys, they are delish! 

I could sit here & carry on talking about the desserts, mmm chocolate, but I won't! Moving on... their desserts, or most of them, come in little glass bowls/tubs. If I'm honest I've had quite a few in my time & it always seems such a waste to throw them away! So, with my collection of jewellery & beauty items continuously multiplying I thought I'd put the bowl to some use this time. 

The bowl on it's own could be put to good use, as it's just clear glass. But being the girly child I am I had to pink-ify it a little. Here is what I used...

The super glue is from a big pack I bought at Poundland - bargain! & the packets of pink roses are off eBay. They were advertised as 3D nail art, but even by my standards they are a little bit too big for fingernails! I don't remember how much they were, but I know they were cheap. I think they were both shipped from Hong Kong, so they took a little while to get to me, but I was in no rush.

With these at hand I just glued the roses onto the outside of the glass, simple as that!

I'm using mine to hold the bracelets that I'm currently wearing on a regular basis :) I think it looks really pretty on my shelf.

Can you think of any other uses these little tubs could be used for?

Jen xo


  1. Such a good idea. I've seen someone else use these as lipstick holders and jazz them up with ribbon. I'm going to do a post soon myself about different ways to store make up xx

    1. Oooh, I love this idea! Just gonna have to be more desserts aren't I?! ;) xx

  2. Super cute DIY! Great post xx

  3. ooh i love this! - what a good excuse for me to try those Gu desserts!! :D

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  4. You have a Liebster Award in my blog. Please check it out. :)

  5. really cute! xo

  6. This is such a cute idea! My jewellery always ends up tangled in a messy drawer and things get lost but this would be perfect for keeping on my dressing table :) x

  7. omg that is so cute. great idea x