Sunday, 19 August 2012

Most worn things | Tag

The 'most worn things summer edition tag' has been floating around YouTube & all of my favourite YouTubers recently. So I thought I'd bring the same tag over to our blogosphere! There's quite a few things in here so it might be a lengthy post, but what the heck!

Most worn nail polish. 
I have two! I change my nail polish all the time, but I have one that I wore most at the beginning of summer & then one that I wore most after I found OPI ;)

So it's Rimmel 60 seconds in Funtime Fuschia & OPIs Just Spotted The Lizard. Rimmel's polishes are so fast drying & I love this bright pink shade for the summer. Whilst the OPI is such an amazing dupe of Chanel's Peridot & plus, I loved the Spiderman film that this collection is based on! You can see these polishes in reviews here & here.

Most worn hair product.

Most definitely Batiste dry shampoo! This stuff is a girls life saver. I don't know what we did before it! This product definitely came in handy during my holiday - with the ever so humid New York. I just love it, it takes away all the oils from your hair & even leaves you with a bit of volume. Also, it isn't really a product but it works wonders for your hair - the tangle tease brush. It is so much easier to come your hair after a shower with this! Which also means less snags & damage. I'll probably do a review on this pretty soon.

Most worn bag.
I was given this bag as a birthday present in July, so I haven't worn in all summer, but I've made up for it since! It's my J by Jasper Conran tan tote bag. Aaaahhh it's so pweeeetty :) I love it! It holds so much darn stuff & has loads of little sections to keep me all organised. You can see my birthday haul with my bag in here :)

Most worn shoes. 
Hmm I'm a little disappointed that my most worn shoes aren't pretty & sandals or something like that! But, the weather has been so crap in England that I haven't had much chance :( So my most worn shoes are probably my creepers from River Island!

Most worn accessories. 
I don't really change my accessories very much because I never take off my Tiffany necklace & my Pandora & Thomas Sabo bracelets. But, besides those these recent additions are probably what I've been wearing most. My gorgeous gorgeous Michael Kors rose gold watch that I was given as a graduation present & also these two cute little bracelets my sister gave me for my birthday. See my birthday haul & graduation post here & here.

Most worn clothing item.
I'd love to say it's my pretty maxi dress or one of my summery playsuits, but again with this crappy weather I haven't had much chance to wear summery clothes. So I'd say it's probably this high wasted skirt from TopShop. I've worn it on the odd worn day with sandals & a vest top, & also on the colder days with tights & a jumper. 

Most worn foundation.
Unless your super new to the beauty blogging/YouTube world you would have heard everybody & their dog talking about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation - so I won't say much more than it's my fave!

Most worn blusher/bronzer. 
I got this blush/bronzer combo in my July She Said Beauty box. You can see the review here :) I love this product. It's subtle, makes a great contour & has just the right amount of shimmer in it.

Most worn lip product.
I bought my No7 nourishing lip shine with the glorious Boot's vouchers & have been wearing it ever since. It's a perfect gloss for summer - girly pink shade, moisturising & not too sticky. Check out my review here. When I'm wearing the gloss I always always have a balm at my side. I'm loving this Nivea soft rose one, it smells amazing!

Most worn mascara.

My most worn mascara is only a diddy one that I recieved in a GlossyBox, seen here. It's sexy pulp mascara by Yves Rocher. I love it! It does everything you'd want a mascara to - no clumps, length, volume. I'll definitely be buying the full size to this!

Most worn eyeshadow. 
This is my everyday go-to eyeshadow palette. It's perfect for creating a natural or smokey eye. It did also contain boi-ing concealer, but I used all that up! As you can see from the outside packaging, it is very loved :)

Hope you enjoyed this tag! I tag all you readers to do this too :D

Also, hope you're having a nice weekend! Jen xo


  1. Cool blog you have here:)

  2. Hey there :) I'm a new subscriber and just wanted to say hello!

    But for the post - I really enjoyed it! Although I don't own almost anything you mentioned in the tag, I can easily see myself owning it all - sort of really my taste! The watch is beautiful and I have yet to try the dry shampoo, but it's definitely on my list!

    1. Hey! Thanks for subbing :D You definitely need batiste in your life! Xx

  3. Will be doing this tag soon! I love yours.. :D

  4. Great tag!! :) i will be doing a post of this tag this week at some point! :) i love you benefit eye shadow kit looks fab! and the bag... super pretty :D

    Jen xxx

    1. Ill look out for it :) I use the benefit palette like every day! & thanks Jen xx

  5. I have a tangle teaser too I love it.
    I just tagged you in a post if you would like to check it out? x:)

    1. They're great aren't they :) ill go check out the post! Xx

  6. Your bag and watch are absolutely gorgeous! And my tangle teezer is one of my favourite things too, I have the same colour :D. Great tag x

    1. Thank you :) the tangle teasers are great aren't they?! Xx

  7. The Michael Kors watch is gorgeous!!