Saturday, 4 August 2012

She Said Beauty | August '12

As mentioned in my last post, I came back from my hols to two lovely beauty boxes :) You can see my review for the Glossy Box here. Like a mad man I ripped off the packaging, explaining the lack of pics! But you've probably all seen it before :)

She Said Beauty are always brill, this month is no exception! I'll just briefly tell you what I got & my thoughts...

  • Professional choice toothpaste by White Glo. Although it's a pretty bog-standard product, I'm happy to get toothpaste! Especially whitening toothpaste. It claims to lift stains and discolouration. & it's also Australia's #1 fave. 
  • Rachel powdered paper by Papier Poudre. I have wanted to try these out for sooo long! Chuffed to get these :) It's a little book of blotting paper that you use to remove excess oil from your face. You can use it over the top of make up & it just mattifies your face where necessary. I don't have a particularly oily face but after a day of wearing make-up my T-zone tends to look a little oily. These will be great for my hand bag :) Fullsize gift pack - RRP £7.95.
  • Rose otto intensive lip salve by Balance Me. These were recently featured in Glamour magazines as a free gift. I'm glad I went for the face moisturiser after receiving this now :) It's a petroleum free intensive lip salve. As well as moisturise it also claims to plump the lips, protect them & smooth away dry patched. Also, smells delish! Fullsize - RRP £12. 
  • Nail foils by Absolutely Flawless. Although I'm not over the moon about the pattern of the foils, I'm keen to try these out! If it goes well, of to the shops I am to buy a pattern I love. These ones are soo cheap, will be interesting to see if I can tell during application. Fullsize - RRP £1.90!
  • Colour extend radiant-10 by Redken. I've heard soo much good stuff about Redken, so I'm happy to try this out :) This spray is a multi-benefit treatment spray for colour-treated hair. It also contains UV filters which is great. I'll be trying this out tomorrow morning! 
  • Eau de cologne by 4711. The fact its called cologne kinda puts me off & makes me think it's a mans smell. The smell is quite nice, but it isn't girly at all. I think this might be one for the boyf!
If you're thinking about signing up to a beauty box, I'd deffo recommend She Said Beauty. They never ever fail! & their boxes are always full, which I love :) To find out more, or to sign up yourself, take a look here.

Jen xox


  1. wow this is an amazing box! Wish we got it where I live! xx
    Beauty by T

    1. Their boxes are always really good. So maybe they will end up expanding..? Hopefully :D xx