Tuesday, 14 August 2012

GlossyBox | August '12

It's that GB time of the month again! Only this month they seemed to have pulled their finger out & sent it fairly early on in the month.. which was a nice surprise :)

I am loving the concept of the box this month. GB have called this one 'International Superstars', including products from countries all around the world. I think this is a great idea! It gives us chance to try out things we've probably never even heard of before. 

  • Pro white by Alessandro. This nail product comes from Germany. It's a clear/blue base coat which optically brightens your natural nail. A product like this is great for covering up any stained nails, or even just to make yours look gleaming. I'm looking forward to using this, any nail product gets a gold star from me! Fullsize - £7.85. 
  • DHC deep cleansing oil by DHC. All the way from Japan this product is a water-soluble cleanser. It claims to remove make-up better than any other cleanser you've tried. I'll be sure to put this to the test! I'm a little weary of putting oil on my face, but I'll give it a go.
  • Eve's balm by All For Eve For The Eve Appeal. It doesn't state which country this product is from. It's a multi-purpose balm to nourish chapped skin, & can be used anywhere on the body. With it's little mirror too I think it will be really handy to chuck in my handbag & use it as a lip moisturiser & a cuticle balm. Fullsize - £4.95.
  • L'ombre a paupiere margarita by Vera Valenti. This eyeshadow palette is from Spain. I'm not gonna lie - it aint the best! The shadows aren't very pigmented & it all seems a little cheap. But hey, it will add to my collection & I'm sure come in use. Fullsize - RRP £3.85.
  • Lipcote by Lipcote. This product comes all the way from the glorious UK! Having recently becoming a lot more fond of lipsticks I'm quite happy to receive this. It's a lipstick sealer that you apply over the top of your lippy; making your lipstick last longer, prevent fading of colour & also adds water resistance. Definitely trying it out on my next night out! Fullsize - RRP £3.99.
  • Lipstick in Glossy Pink by GlossyBox. GB are clearly trying to expand their name & products; evident by this lipstick & blush brush given in a previous box. I love it! Like I said just - I'm really getting fond of my lipsticks lately so I really wanna get more colours & shades. This lippy is a lovely girly nude/pink colour, that I think would look nice during the day & great on an evening teamed with a smoky eye. Fullsize - £9.50.
I think GB have done really well this month! What do you guys think? 

You all can get your mits on this months GB too :) If you wanna find out more click hereee.

Jen xo 


  1. I don't get GB myself but when I saw this I was so impressed with myself that I had already tried the DHC oil..how cultured am I? It's strange but it does the job!


    1. Haha :) Do you like the DHC oil? I haven't used it yet xx

  2. the lip sealer is so interesting and strange at the same time. we don't have a GB service where i live but this month's GB seems great! :)


  3. I think this box is a pile of crap

  4. I'm loving the lipstick color! :)


  5. Love the lipstick colour, it looks super pretty!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  6. Hey girl! Are you still subscribing to the GlossyBox? What is your opinion on it? I've been contemplating on which one to subscribe to! Found you through the hop! Would love a follow back:)
    -xoxo, Amber

    1. I am yeah :) I love receiving my monthly beauty box - love the surprise element & trying out new products. Glossy Box have recently sent out emails asking for details on each subscribers skin type, hair type etc, so I think they're gonna start personalising their boxes - which would be fab! :) xx