Sunday, 12 August 2012

Photo 411 | Tag

I first saw this post on Jen's blog & thought it was soo cute! I love looking at old photos & reminiscing, so I thought I'd give it a go :)

Here's what you have to do... Oh, & feel free to join in! Lemme know if you do, so I can have a nosey ;)

1. Your Little Tyke Self - you as an infant/toddler/child
2. Your High School Self - duh
3. Your College Self - if you didn't go to college get creative
4. Your Right Now Self - a recent picture of yourself
5. Your Furry Friend - your real pet or what you'd die to have as a pet
6. Your Manly Friend - boyfriend/husband/gay bff/celeb crush
7. Where You Once Lived - a place you no longer live in
8. Where You Now Live - wherever your butt currently resides
9. What You Love - self explanatory
10. What You Miss - could be anything!

1. My little tyke self. I was probably about 2 here, aww bless :) 1993?

2. My high school self. I don't have many pics from school, cause my silly computer crashed & deleted everything in it's path. This is a picture of us before we went to our year 11 prom. (I'm 2nd from left). I was 15! 2007.

3. Your college self. This is me at college in the UK, so a little different (& younger) than college in America - I think? Here we are in Yorkshire on a field trip. This is actually where I met my current boyfriend :) I was 16. 2008.

4. Your right now self. This is me & my little sis on a night out for my 21st  (she'd recently turned 18 too, aww) before we'd met everybody. This was taken about 2 weeks ago :) 2012. 

5. Your furry friend(s). These are my boys. I love them dearrrrrrrrrrrrrly! Even though I am allergic to the little muts! Bad times. 2011. 

6. Your manly friend. This is me & marr fella last year when we went to visit my uni friend down in Torquay. We're at Kent's cavern, which is a bunch of scary caves! ..hence why I'm looking a little on edge, haha! 2011. 

7. Where you once lived. Because my old man was in the army I made my entrance into this world over in Germany. I lived their for about 3 years I think, before coming home to England :) 

8. Where you now live. I live on the outskirts of beautiful Birmingham. Or not so beautiful... but I love it here :) 

9. What you love. I recently went on holiday with my parents & sister to New York & San Francisco. It was uhhhh-mazing!! I loved it. I am deffo saving my pennies & going again. This photo is me & my sister in times square, New York :) 2012. 

10. What you miss. My uni girls!! So so much :( Heck, I don't miss doing uni work, but I miss living with these girlies. 2012. 

Aww, that was a nice post! Haha :) Feel free to tag along!!

Jen xo


  1. Hey I have nominated you for the Leibster award x the rules are on my blog! ❤

    1. Hey, thank you so much!! :) I commented on your post xx

  2. Awww I love reading posts like this :) x x

  3. Those cute little dogs :')

  4. Hey!This is great :) thanks for linking me! hehe i love your photos! The photo with your dogs is hilarious!! how does that little terrier get to sleep like that?! hehe and yea i'm allergic to cats and i'm ok with mine. i think your body just adjusts to them and you become a littl ebit immune form them! :) but sadly not completely immune! :( lol

    Jen xxx

  5. adorable pictures.. this tag looks fun!
    i tagged you in the Leibster Blog Award... questions and rules on my blog :)

    1. Aww thanks so much!! I'll check it out now :) xx

  6. Love the idea, and you are stunning! I'm following your blog now ♥

    1. Aww, thanks!! Such a lovely thing to say :) xx

  7. Love this post and your blog! SO interesting! Super cute!! :)

    Check out my blog?


    1. Thank you :) I'll check you blog out now xx

  8. Lovely photos, how cute were you when you were little x