Friday, 3 August 2012

Glossy Box | July '12

I got back from my hols yesterday & it was a pleasant surprise to find 2 beauty boxes waiting for me :) I was a little impatient & ripped them open, but you've all seen the packaging before no doubt. I'm quite a busy bee lately, so I'll do a quick post on what I got in my Glossy Box. Look out for my She Said Beauty post & my American haul too! :)

Julys box is suppose to based on the festival season. I'm not really sure what the products have to do with festivals, but still, I love what I got this month :) 

  • Eye & brown palette by HD Brows. I am soo chuffed to receive this! I was gonna go out & buy one of the Benefit brow palettes, but I guess now I don't need to. Winning. The palette I got is called Vamp. It's meant for dark hair, but since I have dark eyebrows I don't mind too much. I'll just use the lighter shades for my brows & the darkest shade on my eyes only. As you can see in the picture above, the shades are so nice & so pigmented. These are swatched really lightly too. The price of this products make the beauty box so worth while! Full size - RRP £19.95.
  • Enrich colour shampoo by Clynol Salon Exclusive. A great 50ml sample. This shampoo claims to give all hair colours a boost, give the hair a diamond-shine & also protect against UV damage & fading. Looking forward to trying this out, my hair colour could do with a boost!
  • Golden glow by Monu. Golden glow is a tanning moisturiser for the face & body. It contains shea butter, vitamin E & a few other goodies. I'm a little intrigued. I've never used a tan that isn't a brown colour with a nasty smell. Fingers crossed!
  • Lip frosting by Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics. This frosting is gorggggeous! It's multifunctional - can be used as a cream gloss on the lips or as a tint of colour on the cheeks. Not only that but its pink &  smells amazing! Can't wait to try it on my cheeks. Fullsize - RRP £10.
  • Skin balancing skin care by Elizabeth Arden. Liz Arden is fab, happy to receive any of her products :) I received a sample tube of skin balancing lotion SPF 15 & then also 3 sachets samples - exfoliating cleanser, optimizing skin serum & lotion SPF 15. They are all directed at combination skin, with is spot on for me! I don't know whether Glossy Box have started to personalise their boxes or its just a coincidence, but I'm happy with that :) 
Great box! :) I'm glad Glossy Box have started picking up pace, I'll definitely use everything I received. 

If you wanna find out more about the monthly beauty box or sign up yourself, check them out here!

Hope you're all well! :D

Jen xox


  1. Love the stuff u got! <3


  2. You got some great stuff!
    I'm now following you via GFC and I'd love a followback :)

    Today is also one of the last days to enter my giveaway!

    1. Aww yay :) I'll go check out your blog now xx

  3. Great Products! Mine just came in the mail, I'm so excited to open it! xx
    Beauty by T