Wednesday, 4 July 2012

10 day you challenge | 10 secrets

I love tags on peoples blogs & YouTube channels. I think it's really nice to get to know the people behind all of the hauls, reviews, OOTD etc! I recently saw this on both Rachael & Jen's blog & really enjoyed reading them. So, obviously I had to steal it :)

The image below pretty much explains all you have to do. So I'll get started :)

10 Secrets
  1. I just finished a degree in Biomedical Science; which sounds all very clever & scary. But, all I want to do in life is have my own salon! 
  2. Throughout my life I have lived in many many different houses, a few different counties & 2 different countries. This meant I never really settled anywhere & have no current friends that I grew up with. If I could change one thing about me growing up, it would be this.
  3. I played with my Barbie dolls until an age that probably wasn't acceptable, haha! My obsession was to make them houses out of shoe boxes & old kitchen towels. (Just for the record - I don't play with them anywmore ;))
  4. When I was younger Britney Spears was my absolute God, haha. She is the reason I first started highlighting my hair & I even use to dream she was my sister(!!). 
  5. The TV programme Man vs Food is so gross it really should put me off my food. But, it does the opposite - my mouth waters like crazy. Mmmm, food. 
  6. My Granddad leaves me little white feathers everywhere I go, to remind me he's looking down on me :) 
  7. I've always been such a massive geek! When I was in primary school I even wrote to Nasa telling them the reasons why I didn't believe that they'd been to the moon, & told them their video footage was a massive scam. Haha, who do I think I am!?
  8. On my 12th birthday I completed my 3000m swimming badge. When I got out the water my legs stopped working! I fell to the floor & just cried, haha blesssssss. 
  9. I still have my teddy bear on my bed now that I was given the day I was born! 
  10. I am terrified of gas masks & that horrible air raid siren :(
So there you! I hope you enjoyed reading my little secrets :) 

Feel free to join in the challenge! 

Jen xox


  1. Yay your doing it too! hehe barbies!!!! when i was little i used to play blind date with them and my one ken!! i loved just dressing them up in all their clothes! I still have a tweety pie that my dad bought me when I was three! i keep him just beside my bed! omg what is man vs food like?! its crazy!! he is doing a new show going round the states and people are competing to have the best sandwich! not sure when it starts!

    Jen xxx

    1. I had to jump on the bandwagon, haha. Aww that's so cute, I use to love blind date! Ooh really, I'll look out for that haha xx

      Jen xox