Tuesday, 3 July 2012

DIY | Ballet Bun!

I know the ballet bun phase has been around for a while now, but as my blog is new I am excused! ;) I love this look. I think it looks so elegant and pretty. Also love the fact it's so easy to achieve!

Here are some snaps of celebrities sporting the look.

Most of you have probably already seen the doughnuts used to perfect this look. (I know they are available in Primark!). I wear this up-do all the time, but I have actually never used, or even owned, one of those doughnuts. I use tights! Yup, you read it right.

I started doing this when I was a student (tight pocket & all that) & now I'll show you how :)

So here is all you need - tights & scissors! I tend to use clear tights, as I have blonde hair, but if you have darker hair I suggest darker tights (you get the jist!). Also, I always use tights that I've snagged or laddered, clean ones though obviously ;) But this saves wasting a new pair of tights, plus it makes no difference in your hair!

How ugly are tights when they're off?!

2 glorious holes!
So, the first of the very easy steps is to cut along the very top of the leg. Do this for both legs & you can chuck the crotch/stomach part of the tights.

Then, to cut off the end of the tights (where you toes would be). This creates two long tight tubes!

Place the first of the tubes onto your forearm. Like so..

& then place the other on top. I like to use both the tubes as it thickens the doughnut & creates a larger bun. If you have short hair I suggest using only one tube & chucking the other away (or create two!). 

Now roll the tights up your arm & it will create a very unappetising looking doughnut!

A whoola it's finished! It doesn't look like much but it is a great platform for building upon. Most of you probably already know how to achieve the bun after you have a doughnut, so I'll just briefly describe.

Give yourself a high ponytail & place your make-shift doughnut around the base of your pony. Taking inch sections at a time, back comb the hair slightly & roll it towards your head, resting it on the doughnut pin it in place. Do this all around the doughnut, using all the hair within your ponytail. Make sure to spray more hair spray than humanly advised!

I always achieve this look using my holey tights & the technique I just explained. Here is a picture somebody took of the back of my head (strange..) at our graduation ball. Mine isn't as seamless as the A listers above, but it works for me :)

Jen xox


  1. wow this is super pretty!!! when i had long hair i could never make a bun like that! I would totally do this now if my hair wasnt so short!! hehe

    Jen xxx

    1. Aww haha, thanks! Maybe you can remember it for if you ever grow your hair out :) xx

  2. I made one of these a few weeks ago and love it! it's so easy and looks super cute!

  3. Your hair looks so nice! I have a donut and still haven't perfected hownt use it yet. Will give this a go as I always have hokey tights lying around! Thanks x

    1. Thank you :) I have never used a doughnut, but tights are really easy to use! xx

  4. wow this actually works? awesome, i have to try this! thanks for the tip!


    1. Yeah, its soo easy! No probs :) xx

  5. Great post :) I'm always sticking my hair up in a bun, but it never looks as good as that! I'll have to give the tights a go x


    1. It's so easy! But obviously practice makes perfect :) xx

  6. Great post looks brilliant. I have to agree Jen-Star its a shame that my hair isn't long enough to make this look work.

    C x