Thursday, 5 July 2012

10 day you challenge | 9 loves

The 2nd day of the challenge is 9 loves. These will be so easy to decide & lovely to write!

  1. I love my little blog! It's still really new to me, so I still don't really know what I'm doing haha. But I am soo chuffed that people follow me & actually read what I have to say. It also keeps me sane when I'm bored too! 
  2. I love love love my boyfriend, Scott. We have been together just under a year & a half. If I were to write down everything I wanted in a man, he has them all! & he helped me through sooo much last year. Can't thank him enough :)
  3. This is a given, but I love my family. I have such a big family - so many aunts, uncles & cousins. They are all really easy going & are always up for a laugh. I also get on really well with my Mom & Dad, & couldn't be without them!
  4. My doggies!! I love dogs soooo much, but unfortunately I'm allergic to them :( It doesn't stop me from loving them tho. I'm currently in the process of finding medication that works for me. Fingers crossed - I reaaaaally want a fat little bulldog when I have my own place!
  5. My uni girls. These girls mean everything to me. I'm so sad I don't live with them any more, but it definitely isn't the end. We already have plans in August to visit each others home towns :)
  6. I love food! Soo much, too much maybe. 
  7. Retail therapy. There is nothing better than treating yourself to a little something every now & again. My favourite retail therapy has to be beauty products, casual clothes & bags!
  8. My little part time job. I work in a bar every now & again when they need extra staff on special occasions, or need me to cover somebody. It's a gay friendly bar/club on my local high street. I absolutely love all the people I work with, including the managers, & think bar work is so much fun. It's also really funny to hear the various chat-up lines!
  9. My last love is new experiences. I really love doing different things, going new places, trying new foods, etc. I will try anything once!
Join in on the challenge & leave a comment below. I'll be sure to check yours out :) 

Jen xox

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