Saturday, 21 July 2012

DIY | Cutie little sock animals

This post is completely unrelated to beauty, but I figured as I want it be a lifestyle blog too I'm allowed ;)

For Christmas, 2010 I received a secret santa pressie on how to make a sock monkey from 2 pink stripey socks. I made the little monkey & he sits on top of the TV in my bedroom :)

The story goes on... When I 1st finished uni (back in May) I was a little unsure with what to do with my time; when I wasn't job searching & unpacking! So, on a bored evening I decided to make another sock animal. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original guidelines, but I had a search on good old Google & decided to make an elephant.  

Here are some pics! I know they aren't perfect & the stitching is visible, but this was the look I was going for. I think it makes them look so cute! Also, these are my first attempts. 

So lemme know what you think! & if you want me to do a guideline on one of them just say down below :D

Jen xox


  1. I got that exact pink one for my Christmas a while back and I loved making it so much x I now make the ones from john Lewis that are fuzzy and really fun to make x

    1. Ooh I'm gonna look out for the fuzzy ones! xx

  2. So cute!! They sell these at stores but way overcharge them, I would LOVE to see a guideline :)


  3. I love the little elephant. One of my friends has a couple of sock monkeys. I remember the first time she showed me them - made me laugh a lot. Such a cute hobbie.

    Thanks for sharing.

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