Monday, 9 July 2012

10 day you challenge | 5 foods

This is so easy for me. The only food in the world I won't eat is baked beans. Urghh!

  1. Yo! Sushi. I love love love this place! All my troubles disappear & a smile is on my face when I walk through these doors, haha. I love the concept with the conveyor belt, I love trying their different dishes. The only thing  don't love is the hefty bill!
  2. Momma's chicken & broccoli bake. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  3. Pizza. Everybody loves pizza!
  4. Wagamama. Oooh their katsu curry. Dream.
  5. Sea food/shell fish. Calamari, muscles, cockles, prawns + 100s & 100s more!
My mouth is watering now. Thank God it's dinner time!

Jen xox


  1. katsu curry from wagamama is just incrediiible!x

    1. I know! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xx