Wednesday, 4 July 2012

She Said Beauty | July '12

I am going to start by saying that SSB never seem to disappoint! This has to be one of my favourite boxes yet. With Glossy Box getting a lot of stick lately, SSB have been gaining a lot of new customers - hopefully this is encouraging them to improve their boxes!

I'm sure most of you are aware, but if not - SSB is a monthly beauty box subscription. For £9 per month (plus £2.95 for p&p) you receive an average of 5 beauty samples; ranging from skin care, tanning, make-up, nail products, body care etc. The majority of products are luxury samples, but every now & again they slip full sized products in their too. I absolutely love the concept & personally I subscribe so I can try products that I wouldn't have known about/bought myself otherwise. It's also great to get a little monthly treat of the post man ;) 

Below is their beautiful packaging it always come in. 

Now, here's what I got!

  • Vintage eyelash curler by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. The packaging for this little beaute is sooo pretty! If only the curlers themselves were patterned too! Anyways, great product. I didn't really need a new one, but thinking about it I have had mine for about 5 years, so It's probably about time they got replaced! There are nifty little tips & guideline on the back of the box too. For instance, have you ever thought to heat the eyelash curlers slightly with your hairdryer before curling your eyelashes?? Me either! Apparently it causes a more dramatic curl & the result stays like so for longer. Genius. Full size - RRP £7. 
  • S-file by Stylefile. Soo pleased to receive this - you guys know how much I like doing my nails. I was actually looking at this file the other day in Boots! So glad I didn't buy it now. The S-file was created by some guy named Tom, who won in a previous series of The Apprentice. The design allows for easy & more accurate filing. I love that the file has 1 side for filing & the other for smoothing down.  Full size - RRP £4.49.

  • Bronzer & blusher blend by Miners Cosmetics. One of the next things I wanted to purchase was a bronzer or blusher. How perfect is this item?! It isn't too shimmery & has a nice subtle pigmentation (which is what I prefer on my cheeks). Love it :) Full size - RRP £4.99. 
  • Time release blemish cleanser by Murad. Currently I don't have a set skin care routine, so I am open arms to trying out new cleansers, toners etc. I haven't yet used this so I can't really comment, but it claims to reduce blemishes whilst diminishing fine lines & wrinkles. Sounds good to me! Full size (30ml) - £5.50.

  • Ice crystals anti-ageing prep & polish by Freeze 24.7. As you can see the sample is tiny tiny! I just about had enough to use it once on my face. The product claims to retexurise and refinish the skin, leaving it with a vibrant & fresh new glow. This may be a spot on description; however, how am I meant to know after 1 use?! I'll admit my skin did feel nice & pulp after using this but I don't think I'd purchase the full size (£35 for 70g) because I can't be sure whether it works for me not. 
  • BONUS ITEM: Beauty club reward card for Debenhams. I think that this is quite a good way to promote a store, as I'd never go & get a Debenhams card if it wasn't for this. It's basically like the Boots advantage point card (which is a God send, I may add!). You receive points when you spend money on their beauty items & receive gift cards depending upon how many points you have (1 point = 1 penny). Though, I have to add it isn't as good as the Boots card - you receive 3 points per pound you spend when you spend over £25 & 2 points per pound you spend when you spend under £25. Regardless, I'll definitely be activating & using this :) 
As you can see I received 4 out 6 full sized products! This, you cannot complain at! If you tot it up the full sized products alone they total £21.98. I think this is great when the box only costs £9!

So, what do you think of this months box? I love it! 

If you too want to sign up to She Said Beauty & receive a monthly beauty box, check them out here.

Jen xox


  1. This is such a good box! I'd have been happy with everything which definitely isn't the usual case with beauty boxes.x

  2. That's a great box!

  3. I've ordered mine today, I can't wait! I'm glad I found out about it on your blog :)

    Lisamello xx

    1. Ahh yay! :) You'll probably receive this months box too xx

  4. lovely post! the box itself is so pretty! haha. x


    1. I know, I always keep them to store make-up, jewellery etc. They're too pretty to chuck away haha xx